Below is a collection of self-help documents for common problems

How to access the Microsoft and DreamSpark software catalogs

Roots IT has both DreamSpark and Azure for Education access.

DreamSpark is a repository for free and discounted software we have made available to faculty staff and grad students. DreamSpark will keep track of the software you have gotten from them, so you can return to view and re-download your orders as long as you are affiliated with OSU. 

Azure for Education is Microsoft's software portal for educational institutions. As long as you are an OSU student or employee you have access to an array of Microsoft products, including Windows OS. 

Instruction to access Dreamspark or Microsoft catalogs can be find at Accessing Dreamspark or Microsoft catalogs
How do I access the wireless network on campus?

OSU has many different wireless networks. The following networks are provided by OSU: 

  • OSU_Secure
  • Eduroam
  • Visitor (not available in residence halls)
  • OSU_Unsecured (available in residence halls only)
  • OSU_Access (not available in Residence halls and some buildings)
Further instruction on accessing OSU wireless networks can be found at How to access OSU Wireless Networks
How do I add a new Network Printer?
Adding a network printer varies from Mac to Windows. Instructions on setting up a printer on Mac or Windows can be found at Adding a Network Printer
How do I setup mailing services on my device?

Adding/updating your Exchange Online account is different for various devices and mail clients such as MacOS, Windows, and Mobile.

Instructions for setting up on common devices and mail clients can be found at  Device Setup for Microsoft Exchange email Account Additionally you can access your email from any web browser at https://outlook.office365.com/
How can I connect to my on-campus computer from somewhere else?

You can connect to an on-campus computer from off-campus by using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP for short). This allows you to control your on-campus computer from off-campus.


Instructions for connecting to an on-campus computer for Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems can be found at Accessing an on-campus computer from off-campus
How do I access the OSU VPN service?

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is offered by OSU. This gives the user a secure connection to the OSU network along with an on-campus IP address. This allows for access to services that require VPN if you are not on-campus such as editing a development site in Drupal.

Instructions on connecting to the OSU VPN service can be found at  Connect to the OSU VPN service
How do I access my files?
OSU local storage on computers in classrooms and labs is erased automatically once per week. To store files OSU offers various services for file storage. A list of services offered and how to access them can be found at Virtual Computing
How can I share files between my computer and an on-campus computer?
OSU offers many services to share files between computers (see How to find the various computing facilities on campus). You still can store files locally however, this is done through a network drive. A network drive is a drive that enables computers on a network to share information. Instructions on how to setup a network drive can be found at Mapping a Network Drive
How can I connect my laptop to the OSU wireless network
OSU offers many different networks (see How to access the OSU wireless network). Instructions on adding a device to these networks can be found at Connecting to OSU wireless networks
How can I email people that I am out of the office automatically?
Outlook provides a feature called “Out Of Office” which allows for automatic replies to notify others you are out of office, on vacation, or not able to respond to messages. Configuration for this setting can be found at  Setting up "Out of Office" reply in outlook
I’m new here what do I do?
New users have access to various type of support and services. New user information can be found at New user information