Supported Locations

Currently we have supported faculty/staff/students in a number of buildings both on and off campus. 

On-campus locations:

  • Ag and Life Sciences Building
  • Ballard Extension Hall
  • Bexell Hall
  • Cordley Hall
  • Crop Science Building
  • Meat Lab
  • Nash Hall
  • Oak Creek Building
  • Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility
  • SARL
  • Strand-Ag Hall
  • Weniger Hall
  • West Greenhouses
  • Wiegand Hall
  • Withycombe Hall

Off-campus locations:

(Thin clients will be the preferred platform for networked locations.  Units responsible for travel and other expenses related to remote support).

  • Aquatic Toxicology Lab
  • Dairy Center
  • Hops Research Lab
  • Horse Barn
  • Hyslop Farm
  • Lewis Brown Farm
  • Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture
  • Oak Creek Watershed Research
  • Poultry Center
  • Sheep Center
  • Smith Farm
  • Vegetable Research Lab