Setting up "Out of Office" reply in Outlook


Setting up auto replies in Outlook installed on a computer.

In Outlook click on the file tab in the upper right corner.


Then select "Automatic Replies"

In the next window that pops up check the button to "Send automatic replies." If you know the dates you can enter them in and have the auto reply turn on and turn off automatically.  You have the ability to have different messages sent to users based on if they are on campus or not.  Enter your message in the text field under both tabs.  If you want to manually turn off the auto reply navigate back to this window and click "Do not send automatic replies."



Setting up auto replies in the Outlook Web App

Once you are logged into the Oulook Web App click on "Options" in the upper right corner of the screen. Select "Set Automatic Replies" from the menu that drops down.


In the next window select the "Send Automatic Replies" button.  You can then enter dates if you want the autoreply to turn on and off automatically.  There are two text fields.  You have the option to have two different messages sent one to users inside the OSU organization and the other to users outside the organization.  After you have entered in you messages click the save at the lower right have corner of the window.