Microsoft DreamSpark Service

Roots IT has DreamSpark access. DreamSpark is a repository for free and discounted software we have made available to faculty staff and grad students. DreamSpark will keep track of the software you have gotten from them, so you can return to view and re-download your orders as long as you are affiliated with OSU. 

To begin, click on the link:

1) Click on Sign In, and log in with your ONID user name and password.

2) Click on Start Shopping.

3) Select the software you'd like.

1) To get Windows 7, 8, or 10, and other Microsoft products not included in Office 365, click on DreamSpark Premium.

2) To get VMware, click on VMware (and then make sure Software is underlined).

4) Click on the title for the software you'd like to download.

5) Finish selection.

1) Click on Add to Cart

2) Continue shopping until you have added all of the software you want to your cart.  Then click on Shopping Cart.

6) Click on Check Out.  

7) Accept all the EULA’s that are offered.  Fill out the required contact information (and payment information if necessary), and click on Proceed With Order.  You will be emailed a copy of your receipt, which will include a link to access the license keys to your software.

8) On the page with the license keys there will be links to download the software you've requested.

1) Click on Download to get your software.

2) Click on Your Account/Orders to see any past orders you've made, re-download software, or see your product keys.